Kengo Sharingan

Kengo's Eye Genetics proving themselves unique.

Kengo Not much is known about Kengo other then the fact that he has an Odd Genetic Disorder in his eyes. Which is unique to him , no one has figured out why his eyes are deformed, mainly because everyone who has seen them , has died of unknown causes.

Kengo was around before the era of ninja villages , This is theorized because of his rambling of " Two Rivals of legend fighting, one with a body of wood (Possibly Hashirama Senju), and one with a spirit of fire (Possibly Madara Uchiha)

180px-Hashirama vs Madara

"Spirit of fire" In top left corner , and a "Body of Wood" in the bottom right

Shortly after the 9 Tailed Demon fox was sealed within the body of a young child , Kengo's house
Unkown Photograph

A photograph found in a frame in Kengo's burned down house.

hidden in the hills mysteriously burned down. It was found 16 years later , with a photograph of what appears to be Madara Uchiha , Engraved on the frame "For my l--------- , peace will finnaly be real"


An Oil painting found in Kengo's burned down house, On the back of the canvas the words "Our hopes , Our dreams , Our peace , Our life.." were found along with a note saying "Congrats you have-" the rest was to burned to read.

Kengo Hat

A face mask , And wig based off Kengo's Usual style.

Even in Death we are brothers

Another Photo found in Kengo's house , this one has the words "Even in death... We are brothers" Carved into the frame.


Kengo's newer style.