Mizukyou wielding the Umikurou.

Umikurou (海クロー, Lit. Sea Claw) is Mizukyou's Katana, and is one of the forgotten Mist Swords. The sword was crafted for the 1st Mizukage during the 1st Shinobi World War. After the war, the sword got lost and forgotten, but the 3rd Mizukage found it later, and passed it over to Ao, who passed it over to Mei Terumi. Mei Terumi gave this sword to Mizukyou when he left the Mist to join the Hidden Clan.


Being a forgotten sword, its abilities are not well known, but Mizukyou has found out all its abilities. It is able to cut steel, and even other blades. How ever, if he fought a very skilled swordsman, like one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, it wouldn't be able to cut it. It is also able to improve its range and power by using Water Release to send dangerous slicing water waves, wich is also improved by the cutting power of Umikurou.